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  1. Lauren says:

    Hey Nasta,

    I cannot believe it is going on 5 years now. I would give anything to have you back here with everyone who loves you. You continue to touch so many people’s lives and that is a true testament to who you were and remain to be.

    There are so many things I want to share with you, many of which have happened because of you. I often think about you and smile, reminiscing on your calm ways and corny comments. To this day I think my favorite Nasta line is, “you are like school on a Saturday-no class.” I am proud to say that I use that with some of my own students now and can smile every time because I can hear you saying it.

    I hope you know how much you mean to me. You have had such a great impact on my life and I can’t imagine where I would be without you as a father figure and sounding board. Keep on watching over us and I hope to be able to see you again.

    Love and miss you.

  2. Mom says:

    Hi Hon
    This is my second try. As you can see I’m still not a whiz at the computer. It is so nice to read the things people are still writing. You have also made a public speaker out of me as I have had to stand in for you a few times. I know you where there helping me to say the right things. It is still unbelieveable that you are smiling down on us because everyone talks about you like you’re still here. Even the kids mention you all of the time.

    You are always in my mind and always in my heart. I will love you forever.


  3. Walt Meshenberg says:

    Vincent Nasta was and will a brother to me! We grew up together, Cub Scouts, and school activities. He has a great family! I am honored to call Vincent a friend! I cherish the time I had with him. One day I will never forget is the day he took me flying, oh I forgot to say he was a great cook too! Miss You!
    Walt Meshenberg

  4. Shekhar says:

    This is a wonderful memorial website. Frankly i do not know about Mr Vinny Nasta. I just happen to visit this website while browsing the client’s site of Mr John Nasta.

    I think that a short biography of Mr. Vinny Nasta should be available on this site so that absolutely newcomers like me can learn some more about him.

    Thanks and regards

  5. Jeanne Matern says:

    Hi Vin,

    Happy New Year up there! We saw Katie for New Year’s Day at my mom’s. Me, my mom, Katie and Kelly were dancing to 70’s tunes! We had a blast!! Kelly really loves her (we all do).

    You are in my daily thoughts.


  6. chris Fiumara says:

    Hey Vinny,

    3 years have gone by since you have passed and it seems like yesterday, i often see things or think of things that remind me of you or times we have had as a family, and for that i am grateful. i read some of these things people write about you and it makes me so happy and proud that you have left such a long lasting and strong impact on so many lives. i think every one is proud of that. as i look back at your passing i am starting to make sense that even though you are gone from here and in a better place, its very comforting that your memory lives on in such a strong way! which is reflective how good of a person you were when here, Vinny you are and always will be a special person in so many hearts. i love you and miss you. Chris Fiumara

  7. Jeanne Matern says:

    To Vin, My Friend:

    It is approaching 3 years since you left us. A lot has happened, and a lot has changed, but one thing remains the same. I miss you very, very much.
    A part of my childhood died with you. My earliest memories include you and Dave at my house, doing whatever crazy things you were doing. That seems like another lifetime.
    You should see my Kelly now, she’s almost 5 years old. She is so funny, and I know you would have made each other laugh. I wish things were different and she could have gotten to know you.
    I think of you every time I look at the sky or see a plane flying overhead–and I still say, “Hi, Vin”.

    Looking forward to meeting up with you again someday…

    Love Always,


  8. adrianne says:

    Mr. Nasta, i still have the letter you wrote for me for college which i continue to use as a reference, I am going through some tough times and thinking of you has been helping me get through them, thank you for being such a great inspiration and help, you are greatly missed.



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